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1-2tons of rice mill and cleaning combination machine

1-2tons of rice mill and cleaning combination machine

the 15tons of rice mill machine plant features introduction :
1.combined arrangements have been adopted to enable the rice mill working stable,operated easy as well as maintenance simple .
de-stoner has been converted from blowing to absorbing trype ,thus the peformance of removing stone becomes much more reliable and
2.stable.at te meantime,dust pollution has been decreased during feeding paddy and operating condition has been improved substantially.

3.this equipment adopts it own developed cursing machine system,rice husk and bran can be by the same motor,the investing capital and
electric consumption will be reduce accordingly.

4.the chamber of rice mill and nozzle of rice exit has been improved to keep low temperature and release rice bran early during milling is very
advantage for improving quality of rice and decreasing the bran in rice .


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